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Ridge at Manitou New Brochure REDUCED SI

Voted the number one best new course and clubhouse when it opened the Tom McBroom designed Ridge at Manitou, is an unparalleled golf experience. 

The Ridge is now a fully programmed golf resort experience, complete with tennis, spa, conference, and corporate event accommodations, as well as the spectacular ambiance. From the moment you check in to the Clubhouse Lodge, the tone of this rustic waterfront compound is immediately felt. 


The Ridge at Manitou began, as most big projects do, with a small idea posed by a group of Manitouwabing Lake cottagers several years ago. After careful planning and consultation, 300 acres of spectacular land was acquired. The kind of natural environment that excited the golfer with its pristine course and unspoiled wonders of nature alike.

The goal from the start was to create a special place, where the concepts of discretion and excellence would comfortably coexist with unpretentiousness and relaxation. The result is The Ridge at Manitou, a golf course, social centre, and nature sanctuary. Located about 20 minutes east of Parry Sound, near McKellar, The Ridge at Manitou offers its members entry into a unique world, one in which the golf course itself comprises less than half of the land, with the remaining 150 acres dedicated to preserving the rugged landscape that is home to deer, moose, black bears, wolves, great-horned owls and myriad other forms of wildlife.

To ensure that the sanctity of the environment came first, a complete environmental plan had been developed. That task was given to Michalski Nielsen Associates of Bracebridge. Course designer, Tom joined the team to create and shape an 18-hole course that would complement the land’s natural features, while providing an accessible, but also competitive, round of golf. During construction of the course, Tom and environmental expert Michael Michalski worked together to make certain the course always melded with, but never intruded upon, the natural surroundings.

Manitouwabing Lake

Manitouwabing Lake got its name from the Ojibway indigenous family group who frequented the area. In the early settlement days, the lake provided transportation for lumber companies and the power of falling water at the upper and lower ends was harnessed to run grist, woolen, and sawmills. Homesteads were cleared in the surrounding fertile clay soil.

Located less than 31 km from Parry Sound, service roads are abundant making Manitouwabing a popular lake for cottages. The lake occupies 3,088 acres with a perimeter shoreline of 94 km featuring many inlets, points, and bays which make it a fantastic location for cottages with unique viewpoints. The lake is essentially shallow a summertime surface water temperature of 21 degrees Celsius.

If you plan to make a recreational investment here, where better to start than the Ridge at Manitou, Manitouwabing Lake’s most compelling social focal point. Here is where friendships begin and last a lifetime.

Certified Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary

The Ridge at Manitou is proud to be designated as a Certified Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary. Set against rolling Canadian Shield country that changes effortlessly from high rock ridges to lowland areas of valleys and tributaries. The Ridge is home to countless species of flora and fauna and three special natural features include wetlands, black ash bog, and winter deer yard.

Audubon certification has been achieved by fulfilling numerous stewardship commitments. Environmentally responsible management and continuous monitoring ensure the protection of the water quality, fish, woodland’s and wildlife without compromising your enjoyment.

Your play is contributing to the well-being of the land and the creatures that make The Ridge their home.

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